My Media Diet

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From the beginning of the semester to now i’d like to think that my media diet has changed. After rereading my original paper about my media diet, I was shocked to see how much time I spent on Facebook. In the recent weeks I deactivated my Facbook because of my schoolwork overload, and i’ve been perfectly fine without it. Looking back at the 3-4 hours I spent on Facebook, it was a complete waste of time! Another thing I was shocked to see how dependent I was on my phone. In quoted in my paper “I’m lost without my phone.” Sometimes I like to test myself to see how long I can without my phone, still doesn’t last very long. I’ve learned there’s more to life then social networks and technology.

My media consumption was impacted by the thinkers that we studied in class. Neal Gabler especially. This book Life: The Movie changed my outlook on the media. Although the media and technology can be a great thing, they can also be harmful. My new outlook on the media and technologies is moderation.


Outrageous gas prices!

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Today I was filling up gas tank, I was shocked to find the price of gas a whopping $4.20 a gallon! Even more shocking , was the seperate gas prices for credit and cash. Gas stations are making us pay for the credit card fee now?! This is ridiculous. Are the gas prices a reflection of Obama’s presidency? If so, no thanks to his reelection!

Bin Laden Conspiracies

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Since the recent killing of Osama bin Laden in a Navy SEAL raid on a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan there have been many people who are not satisfied by the President’s accounts of the incident. bin Laden was dumped into the Arabian Sea mere hours after his death, and the President has declined to release photos of the corpse. Add this onto the fact that accounts of the raid have been skewed, with initial reports saying bin Laden was armed when killed changing to bin Laden “offered resistance” and you have many people who are very skeptical. Adding on to already established 9/11 conspiracy theories (mainly that the U.S. higher ups had some sort of controlling interest in wars in the middle east, therefor allowing 9/11 to happen as a way to validate said wars) some now say that they feel bin Laden is still alive, while others say that bin Laden nothing more than a CIA stooge, whose location was long known by the government, who waited to act until an opportune moment. Which do you believe? sound off on the comments with your opinion

New Media Diet

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When Spring semester started, I believed every source and every author I read or heard.  But while taking this class, I realized you cannot trust every thing you hear. You have to be skeptical of everything and question it all.

I never had blogged before in my life, and once I started blogging, I was opened up to so many people’s opinions and thoughts on certain controversial subjects.  I sort of just ignore the news since usually it is depressing it never has anything to do with me, so why make myself upset? But I really enjoy blogging because the issues people blog about are not depressing or upsetting, they are full of life and are truly very interesting. This class has such a creative mind which influences other students to use WordPress as well and expand on their own ideas. I never thought I’d actually enjoy blogging, but I really did.

Other types of media I never used included Twitter. I never thought of Twitter being a source that I would ever follow or catch on to. This summer I created an account but never really used it. Now, knowing that I first heard about the death of Osama Bin Laden through Twitter really makes me realize how much I rely on it for fast communication. I check my twitter constantly now that I know I can receive information so quickly. Despite the rate at which I can have communication, I still have to question it. When I heard Osama was dead, the first thing I did was to check a more reliable source, CNN. Twitter is great for mass communication, but you still have to make sure it is true.

This class has opened up my mind a lot about the media. I never paid any attention to it at first, but now I am slowly starting to care more about it.

Obama vs. Osama-Harry vs. Voldemort

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For those of us in class on Tuesday, here is a funny picture making the connection between the Harry Potter series and the history of our nations fight against Osama Bin Ladin. Enjoy.

All-for-one? Or One-for-all?

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If a the Super Bowl MVP gets to go to Disneyland after the “big game,” shouldn’t the whole team get to go? The team that assisted him, the team that worked the same tireless hours that the MVP worked. Who should get the praise? The team or the individual? That same question is being asked about the recent Osama Bin Laden killings. A recent article published by the Los Angeles Times reports that the $25 million bounty for Bin Laden is still in effect.

“The Rewards For Justice Program, United States Department of State, is offering a reward of up to $25 million for information leading directly to the apprehension or conviction of Osama Bin Laden. An additional $2 million is being offered through a program developed and funded by the Airline Pilots Association and the Air Transport Association,” is according to the FBI’s most wanted page.

Some outspoken individuals say that the bounty should go to the man who shot the fatal blow to the terrorist leader, while others say that it should be dividend among the group. TO be honest, that one Navy Seal was able to kill Bin Laden because of the heroism and teamwork of his comrades. The money, I believe, should be evenly split among the group of soldiers.

My “new” medium diet

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In the beginning of the semester I wrote a paper in which I examined my media consumption. In this essay I detailed the source of my news consumption to the genesis. It was interesting, to say the least, to revisit this essay. By and large I would argue that my medium diet has not changed all that much. In the essay, from the beginning to the end, the reader was brought through a drastic change in the subject’s (me) consumption of media. However, that essay surveyed a span of twenty years. While the scale of the semester pales in comparison to twenty years, college is a time of growth, and subsequently changes occur. Although no rapid change was evident, after reading the aforementioned essay, there were slight variations within my media consumption. In the “Medium Diet” essay I stated that I read the Wall Street Journal three times a week. This is one source of consumption has changed in that I tend to read the paper version—where as I used to primarily read the online version—more often, now four  to five times a week. I still am an avid reader of The Economist magazine, however, currently, I find myself visiting The Economist website more often to see what special stories they have posted. I would say that the biggest change comes in my belief that the shows such as The Jersey Shore or The Real Housewives are bad for viewers. It is not that I am necessarily taking a Steven Johnson approach, but I feel that if one watches a little bit of these shows, it will make them feel as though they actually have a life, and make them appreciate that they are not as petulant and narcissistic as the people they are watching.