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Attention Pranksters!

Posted: May 12, 2011 by rifayet in Uncategorized

Check out these Awesome prank websites!

Cool websites that let you anonymously prank your friends!


Oprah’s last season

Posted: May 12, 2011 by rifayet in Uncategorized

After 25 years of the Oprah Winfrey show, it’s coming to an end may 25th! Who’s going to be the new tycoon for mid-day talk shows?!

Bush Jealous?

Posted: May 12, 2011 by rifayet in Uncategorized

Is George Bush jealous that Osama was found during Obama’s presidency? Bush declined Obama’s invitation to attend the 9/11 ceremony held at ground zero. Republicans feel that Obama is taking all the credit for  finding Osama.

My Media Diet

Posted: May 12, 2011 by rifayet in Uncategorized

From the beginning of the semester to now i’d like to think that my media diet has changed. After rereading my original paper about my media diet, I was shocked to see how much time I spent on Facebook. In the recent weeks I deactivated my Facbook because of my schoolwork overload, and i’ve been perfectly fine without it. Looking back at the 3-4 hours I spent on Facebook, it was a complete waste of time! Another thing I was shocked to see how dependent I was on my phone. In quoted in my paper “I’m lost without my phone.” Sometimes I like to test myself to see how long I can without my phone, still doesn’t last very long. I’ve learned there’s more to life then social networks and technology.

My media consumption was impacted by the thinkers that we studied in class. Neal Gabler especially. This book Life: The Movie changed my outlook on the media. Although the media and technology can be a great thing, they can also be harmful. My new outlook on the media and technologies is moderation.

Outrageous gas prices!

Posted: May 12, 2011 by rifayet in Uncategorized

Today I was filling up gas tank, I was shocked to find the price of gas a whopping $4.20 a gallon! Even more shocking , was the seperate gas prices for credit and cash. Gas stations are making us pay for the credit card fee now?! This is ridiculous. Are the gas prices a reflection of Obama’s presidency? If so, no thanks to his reelection!

Facebook: How much information is too much?

Posted: January 28, 2011 by rifayet in Uncategorized

Facebook has become the trend of our generation. Each day millions of users log onto to Facebook making Facebook one of the world’s most visited sites. The social networking site was originally created for college students until a few years ago when it become open to users as young at thirteen years old. Facebook makes interacting with friends and family as easy as the click of a mouse. With that click of a mouse users have access to one another’s Facebook page which includes; photos, wall posts, and often personal contact information. Facebook is an innovation that hands down changed  our means of communication.

Thousands of users join Facebook everyday. It seems so innocent, fist name, last name, email; but are we throwing away our rights to our privacy? I think unconsciously Facebook has brainwashed us. Our parents always warned us, “Do not put personal information on the internet,” but what do we consider personal in today’s day and age? It seemed like a phone number, which was once sacred or even an email address is not so personal anymore. If you have a Facebook account you are all guilty of this. I feel like Facebook has become such a household name that it’s almost trustworthy, when it comes to my privacy on Facebook people are very naive. I can’t put all the blame on Facebook or  other sites, I think when you sign up for something like Facebook you know somewhat what you’re getting yourself into.

I am an avid Facebook user, I’m on it several times a day and even have it on my phone. For a while Facebook became an addiction of mine, to the point where when I had an exam I had to deactivate it so I could study. Facebook knew their target demographic were college students, so they made it more functional for them. For example, by entering your college email, you have access to everyone who goes to the same school as you. By creating a Facebook I think it’s definitely a way of conforming. Now a days everyone has a Facebook, and if you don’t you’re out of the loop.