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Obama vs. Osama-Harry vs. Voldemort

Posted: May 7, 2011 by lexx45 in Uncategorized

For those of us in class on Tuesday, here is a funny picture making the connection between the Harry Potter series and the history of our nations fight against Osama Bin Ladin. Enjoy.


My Media Binge

Posted: May 4, 2011 by lexx45 in Uncategorized

I chose Binge because the word diet just makes me feel as though I’m restricting my media intake to only good things. Similar to Adam Moss I like to take in that juicy bad for you media that makes you feel sick right after consumption. I’m more of a Media Fatty then a conscious media dieter. I prefer to consume, and sometimes over consume my media. There are days when I’m stuffing my face with media like a bulimic after a three-day purge. Under the advice from my doctor—err, advisor I signed up for this class. Lerner, my personal trainer to the media world, helped me to make better decisions when it came to my media diet. Now I can look at the news and be a critical viewer. I can go beyond the surface story and relate text to cultural and communications theorists.What I consume isn’t much different, but how I consume it is.

I will say that beyond my love for Family Guy, American Dad, Robot Chicken and SpongeBob, I know that last one doesn’t exactly fit in, I’ve grown a new obsession to some of the websites discussed in class. Now I have the option of splitting the time designated to my paper between Facebook and StumbleUpon. I’ve discovered the vulgarity of ChatRoulette, and the randomness associated with 4chan. After this class I have a better understanding of cultural references, I mean where would I be in the world if I didn’t know “Sad Keanu” or Angry Birds. Beyond the surface of said cultural parodies, I’ve learned my intake of media deserves some careful consideration. I now prefer blogs to newspapers or television news. They tend to be short and to the point; not enough words to express opinions, just facts. I’ve added “onthemedia” a new favorite because of their corky humor and interesting topics.

In conclusion I’ve thorough enjoyed this class even if it was at 8:00am on a Wednesday. And although this segment doesn’t end with the melodic voice of Bob or the editing skills of Brooke, I feel confident in saying it was truly a great class.


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For my last and final blog post I’ve decided to finally make an endorsement, in fact I’m going to make two.

First I would like to endorse a book called “Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?” by Thomas Kohnstamm. Kohnstamm is a travel writer and author of several Lonely Planet  guide books. However in his book Kohnstamm depict the juicy details of travel writers. The ability to write stories about a country you’re not even in, his encounters with drugs, sex, and several late night rendezvous. It’s a fun read with Kohnstamm using his sarcasm to take you through Northeastern Brazil and the truth behind travel writing.

For my second endorsement I want to delve into my true hobby… FOOD! If you’re looking for authentic Italian food you need to go to Bacco located on Dutchess Tpke in Poughkeepsie, not to be confused with Cafe Bocca (that owner is a real ass). Don’t expect to find “Chicken Parm” on the menu… No! This place boasts a menu that includes homemade pastas and mozzarella, fresh and local ingredients, and recipes that would make the old world proud. My only advice is to bring mommy and daddy because the bill hardly covers a student salary. However at Marist there are times when I would certainly disagree. Anyway it’s definitely worth checking out!

Cross-Cultural Communication

Posted: April 25, 2011 by lexx45 in Uncategorized

For about four years now I’ve been going to the same Dominican salon located in the heart of Poughkeepsie. Like any inner city salon it’s hardly comparable to any upscale salon, like a Marlene Weber’s only 5 minutes down the road. It boasts tacky decorations and unconventional customer service. There’s no front desk or separate waiting area. Instead upon arrival you could wait 1 minute to 1 hour to get your hair done. And don’t expect to get out within the hour… OH NO! Here beauty is an all day affair filled with friends, music, dancing, food, and endless amounts of rum. For me this was quite the culture shock. Here I am, the half white half black “comfortably Caucasian” girl with kinky hair walking into what seemed like an entirely different world. But after four years and maybe a few swigs of rum, I’ve come to love the place. However on this particular visit, I really unearthed a whole new level of traveling; not necessarily leaving one place to arrive in another, but going past that line in the sand to something foreign.

As I walked in the door all of my senses were under assault; the thick smell of relaxer in the air, followed by the blaring sound of salsa music. “Christ” I think, “It’s only 9 a.m., do these people ever just enjoy the sound of silence”. After several “Holas” and kisses on the cheek, I make my way to the back where the same woman whose been washing and blow-drying my hair for four years awaits. She rarely smiles and I rarely speak yet on this occasion she seemed… different. While washing my hair she suddenly stops and asks me if I have a phone. I hesitantly answer “yes” and proceed as if nothing had happened. Yet something did happen, and something even greater was about to. She again stops, smiles at me, points to her stomach, and in broken English says she is going to have a baby. I, in shock, give her a big hug and in my broken Spanish begin to congratulate her. I ask if she wants and boy or girl and she shrug’s as if either would make her happy. She then hands me a ripped napkin and motions to write my number down. It all became clear.

Here I thought I was just another onlooker, yet in those four years someone had seen me as more; a member of some large completely unorthodox family. I had gradually crossed beyond cultures, beyond language to something much greater. And just in case you’re wondering. She’s having a boy.

Things I’ve “StumbledUpon”

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Here are some things I’ve come across while using the very popular site StumbleUpon to “discover the internet” a.k.a. Procrastinate.

  1. If you’re into Creative Indie Rock 
  2. A nicer spin-off of TFLN called MakesMeThink
  3. For the Health Fanatic
  4. Music to Any TagLine 
  5. Creative photography from an artist in Argentina
  6. Like to find new and interesting music no ones heard before? This site is definitely for you!
  7. Underwater Astonishments by David Gallo
  8. Seriously! Click this and you WILL laugh!
  9. Something from Chat Roulette that doesn’t include a penis

You’re Fired!

Posted: April 11, 2011 by lexx45 in Uncategorized

Donald Trump: A name synonymous with way too much money and still not enough to buy a good hairpiece, has taken on a new role as a potential presidential candidate for 2012. Apparently being a real estate mogul and TV personality with billions of dollars was not enough for the Donald. And if running the entire “Trump” brand isn’t doing it for you, well, why not rule the entire country. In the beginning many believed Trumps rants about running for president were a publicity stunt used to draw people to his show Celebrity Apprentice, a stunt that worked wonders. After questioning president Obama on his “missing birth certificate” his TV ratings went up 7%-7.1 million people watching, the shows all time high. But when Trump appeared on The O’Reilly Factor it seemed his run for the republican presidential nomination was…well real! As far as I can see his presidential campaign is run on the idea that President Obama is not a US citizen. Trump even went as far as to hire investigators to go to Hawaii in search of evidence. In his words “they cannot believe what they’re finding.” As absurd as this presidential nomination sounds, how truly odd is it? Honestly it wouldn’t be the first time America elected a presidential candidate who was also a TV/movie personality. Some are even going as far as to say that his business knowledge will be a major selling point, and his ability to speak to the average American will gain him votes. My verdict. I don’t care, but if he is elected president there truly is no hope for this country and I’m moving to Europe. Au revoir l’Amérique


Promoting Sex or Prompting Sexuality?

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In an age where 1 in 5 new relationships begin on an online dating site and the average age of sexual activity has dropped to around 16 has the idea of traditional dating well…died? In USA Todays Article “Is Dating Dead” they found that 72% of young adults “hook up”. What is hooking up? 35% say it’s kissing and touching, 12% say it’s hand-to-genital stimulation, 12% say it’s oral sex and 40% say it’s intercourse. What the study concluded is that dating has taken a back seat and casual sex or, “friends with benefits” has taken the driver’s seat. The study states that because there are fewer men than women, young women are competing with each other for access to men, and often, that leads to sex sooner, says Regnerus; author of How Young Americans Meet, Mate and Think about Marrying. But where do these ideas set in? My opinion lies with college. It comes as no surprise that college campuses are feeding grounds for sexual experimentation. Don’t believe me? Well look at lasts month Generator. For those of you whose media diets do not consist of reading allow me to fill you in. The Generator is Marist’s student run magazine. Each month they create a top ten list of the topic of their choosing. March’s issue consisted of the top ten places on campus to “Get Some Secretive Lovin’”. The tag line reads:

We’ve all been in the situation where you have met a slammin’ hotty or dialed up your favorite late night booty call, the only problem is, you need somewhere to go that’s both spontaneous and secluded.  The Generator is your friend at this juncture, so relax for a few minutes, give your lips a rest and choose the most viable option for you and your fellow emergency pleasure seeker.

As if it were any surprise #1 was awarded to the Riverfront. But my question is this. Are we boasting said promiscuity as a form of sexual empowerment, or is Marist just validating its stereotype as the school with the “highest number of STD’s?