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Information Overload; how my diet expanded

Posted: May 4, 2011 by kellyrachael in Uncategorized

Well it’s that time of the year when we are asked to sum up everything we learned in one last blog post. Not so much learned, but elaborate on how our media diet has changed over the past few months. To be quite honest, I don’t think I have ever analyzed or dissected anything this much before; let alone topics I actually find interesting. As a result of the countless class sessions we would search to find the “deeper meaning” in various media outlets, I now have drastically changed the way I access and view media. And let me tell you, this is a good thing. Prior to this class I was never too fond of computers. I honestly would turn my brand new Macbook on to complete my homework assignments and shut it off right after so I could continue on with my day. My friends all thought I was crazy, and would often wonder if I even owned a computer. I just simply didn’t find the need to stalk strangers on Facebook for hours, or read tweets about people whom I’ll never meet. I simply figured that if there was a drastic newsbreak or epic current event I could find out by watching the news every morning. Boy, how that has changed.

In terms of my consumption, I would say I am more “in the know” now then I ever thought possible. Prior to this class I didn’t even know how to tweet, and still thought a #trending topic was the latest blouse every girl was wearing. I now go on Twitter almost every morning while simultaneously watching The Today Show. I figure, what’s better than a double dose of news every morning to get my day started. I now can find out current events from the New York Times and the latest workout tips from Women’s Health all in one place. What could be better than that? Oh, maybe the amount of followers Justin Bieber has accumulated…nah probably not. This class opened my eyes to how influential Twitter can actually be, and man it’s bigger then I ever imagined. I’m not addicted by any means; I simply just enjoy performing the same routine each morning. I find comfort in the consistency of knowing that I can always rely on these outlets to provide me with everything I need to know.

When it comes to reading and watching the news, I remain an avid follower on both accounts. I continue to receive the weekender package of the Times from my mother, and read it religiously. Now more then ever though I find myself accessing newspapers online as well. I always just assumed that everything written in The Wall-Street Journal would go right over my head. Once you started introducing articles to our class, I realized that I could actually fathom this material. In no way am I reading this paper everyday but if I come across an article or two I won’t hesitate to read on now.

Also, before this class I thought blogs were just for emo kids without any friends as a way to share their feelings with the world. I mean, clearly I have always read sports blogs but I didn’t know the amount of amateurs out there who were actually capable of writing half decent material. It’s a totally new style of writing, and although it’s hard for me to step outside of the formal writing I have grown so accustomed too…it’s somewhat relaxing to just write what I feel without thinking too much into it. Now, by no means am I going to create my own blog, because I simply don’t think my life is that interesting. But kudos to those of you who have. Because it truly is going to be the future of journalism. No one wants to read long elaborate stories anymore, they just want you to deliver the cold hard facts in the shortest length possible.

So all in all, it’s not that I was completely depriving myself before, but I have now definitely expanded my “diet” to include a plethora of new things. Let’s just say I include a better assortment, a wider variety and sometimes I even like to spice it up and try something new. I mean let’s not get crazy, I still have my favorite media outlets and will continue to access them on the reg but I’ll throw something different into the mix every now and then.

So Lerner, cheers for expanding my diet, my nutritionist thanks you.


To Kill a Mockingturd

Posted: May 3, 2011 by kellyrachael in Uncategorized

After the death of Osama bin Laden, the big time networks were reporting strictly news stories. Veteran news anchors broke the story with straight faces and said how this was a great defeat for America. Younger reporters glorified the event as a whole and showed excitement and pride while discussing the events. Over the corse of the next two days the news was everywhere, and it was about time for TV personalities to start mocking this event. Take the remarks of veteran host of the “Daily Show” Jon Stewart. In his most recent broadcast,  Jon spend the first ten minutes of his fake-news show skewering Osama. Although his method is much different then the conservative tone of regular news broadcasts, many people forget that he is not an anchor and it is not his job to report of the news. It is his job to offer his opinion about it. That is why everyone tunes in to watch anyway right?

EveryGirl’s Guide To Life

Posted: April 28, 2011 by kellyrachael in Uncategorized

Since we are on the subject of endorsements, I figured I would take the time to highlight an easy read, self empowering book that I recently read. Maria Menounos just came out with her first book, “The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life.” For all you ladies out there, this is a great book to pick up before the summer months of lounging and reading on the beach arrive. I have always enjoyed self-help and inspirational books but often they are limited to one topic, it’s either all about losing weight or landing your dream job. This book is appealing because it breaks that mold. Maria talks about 20 + topics and ways to succeed in every aspect of your life. This book offers a plethora of topics ranging from how to organize your life, get a great workout at home, cook heathy meals, save money and be successful.

Also another thing that I enjoyed was this book did not just feature her accomplishments in life. She discussed many tips that have helped her in her career but it does not overwhelm the book like many other publications have done. So if any of you girls out there are looking to get your life in order I highly recommend this book.

The Ultimate Reality Show

Posted: April 6, 2011 by kellyrachael in Uncategorized

April 29th 2011: Prince William and Kate Middleton will be married, and an estimated 2 billion television viewers will witness this phenomenon. Add an expected 400 million online viewers and you get 35% of the WORLD’S population. So I ask why? What is so attractive and enthralling about these two? I realize that they are royalty but what makes people so drawn to watching complete strangers exchange vows. Throughout the years, they have both been in and out of the press, I presume people feel like they know them now. Their story is so compelling because the media world has created a “mythical spectacle” out of this event. There is larger then life buzz around this day, and has been topic for conversation on talk shows for the past month. Countdowns appear daily on various outlets. And all for what? To tune in and witness an event that will go down in history. This could best be considered a global media event, something very rare that comes along that has the ability to disrupt our daily lives. On April 29th you will not be able to view your regular programming because every network will be focusing on this event. Even if we don’t want to watch, we will be forced to. The media realm has truly created “The Ultimate Reality Show” out of this event by creating stars out of both Prince William and Kate in the hopes that everyone will tune in.

YANKS: Opening Day

Posted: March 31, 2011 by kellyrachael in Uncategorized

“You always get a special kick on Opening Day, no matter how many you go through” – Joe DiMaggio

Yesterday, the New York Yankees announced their Opening Day lineup and some of the picks were shocking to even the most seasoned experts. The lineup includes the usual starters from last year (for those avid fans that keep track) the only difference would be the DH and C positions. Jorge Posada has been moved to the DH spot and Russell Martin, who was acquired from the LA Dodgers, will fall into the catchers position. Although Martin had a solid performance during spring training, the fact that Francisco Cervelli is on the DL definitely was a factor in his selection. Going into the season, the lineup looks pretty solid compared to other American League East teams.

The starting rotation is also a huge factor as the season begins. The starting five will consist of three dominant pitchers from last year, in addition to two new arms. CC Sabathia, Phil Hughes, and A.J Burnett are the returners from last year. New to the starting five is Ivan Nova, who was with the organization last year but has yet to really perform; and Freddy Garcia, who was acquired from the White Sox and excelled in spring training camp. The latter two were the early favorites during spring training, and beat out a plethora of others to earn the nod. Most of the bullpen was easy to predict however with Feliciano hurt newcomer, Luis Ayala earned a spot. Bartolo Colon also receives a roster spot and will spend the majority of the season in the bullpen, although some might have through he was going to be in the starting rotation. Hopefully the weather will hold up so the Yankees can have an excellent outing to start their season off right!

Violence Goes Viral

Posted: March 27, 2011 by kellyrachael in Uncategorized

Recently on Tosh.O and other media outlets a shocking story has been highlighted. An outrageous example of violence was seen recently on St. Patrick’s Day at SUNY Albany’s “Kegs and Eggs” celebration. When my friends were talking about this and news anchors were reporting on it, I knew I had to go onto YouTube and check it out. The footage was unreal. The students were jumping on top of random cars, destroying windshelds with their bodies, throwing televisions from windows. Not only were they defacing public property but when cops came to try and settle the insanity, they were screamed at and spit on. First off, I realize that alcohol makes you do stupid things, but this story has taken that statement to a new extreme. Keep the party inside, hang out on your front porch, but to bring this kind of craziness to the streets is unreal. This is seen all over the world on St. Patrick’s Day, and the police have little control over these situations. Recently in Hoboken the same mayhem broke out, however thankfully not to the extreme of Albany. How far is to far? And why does everyone find the need to post this type of behavior on YouTube? Don’t these students have morals and values. Why would you want your image and reputation to be tainted and plastered all over the media world. There is no filter anymore, people post anything and everything they want on this website and it’s completely outrageous and needs to stop.

Hathaway & Franco: Hit or Miss?

Posted: February 28, 2011 by kellyrachael in Uncategorized

Since I fell asleep watching the Oscars last night, I figured it was important to find out everyone’s opinion on the show. I heard plenty of opinions on the show from a plethora of talk show hosts this morning. There were mixed reviews on how the two hosts, Anne Hathaway and James Franco, performed. I personally thought they were trying to hard. The chemistry between the two seemed forced and just did not work for me. They were attempting to appeal to a younger crowd this year, as seen from the advertisements leading up to the show. So I just wanted to get everyone’s opinion on the subject, do you think they put on a good show, or fell up short?