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Apply to be Charlie Sheen’s Intern!

Posted: March 7, 2011 by Jake A in Uncategorized

There are so many more important things going on in the world, but who can pass up this awesome opportunity? My entire house applied, a few of us applied twice through various emails and we all hope to win. I’m not sure what someone will say if they saw this on my resume.


6 Nations Rugby

Posted: February 10, 2011 by Jake A in Uncategorized

While we were all busy watching the Superbowl, Europe is currently turned into an event of similar scope. The RBS Six Nations Rugby Tournament is underway. The tournament includes original members England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland as well as old steady France and relative newcomer Italy. These 6 countries will vie bragging rights in European rugby.As the second largest sport in the area, these grudge matches are spectacles of great athletic achievement  and carry great weight, due to the intense rivalry among the countries. Entire population’s moral hang in the balance of each match, hoping for victory over their European neighbors.  and  After joining the Marist College rugby team, I’ve come to love this sport. I even attended a Wales vs. Italy match last March while in England. This tournament is a huge event over there, when all is said and done, all the match will have drawn more viewers than the Superbowl. Here in America, we really don’t have much perspective on great sports events such as this and I’m glad I was able to discover it and get involved in that world.

Oscar Movie Marathon

Posted: February 3, 2011 by Jake A in Uncategorized

Spurred on by our discussion of these films in class, my house mates and I have been watching all the films nominated for Best Picture that we had not previously seen. By doing so, we have seen a variety of films we never planned on watching when they first came out or had even heard about. It has been an interesting experience because it has caused a lot of debate and arguing over what is better or what there is to enjoy in these movies. I wonder whether many people do what we are now, watching the movies only after they garner the acclaim from the Academy. I would recommend watching these movies especially if you love movies and it helps you understand how the movies are chosen and what makes an Oscar worthy film.

Changes at Google

Posted: January 24, 2011 by Jake A in Uncategorized

For a massive company such a Google, any sort of shake up is going to make a big news story. The current CEO Eric Schmidt announced on Thursday that he would be stepping aside as CEO and is selling about 6 percent of his shares in the company. While this news was expected and he will be replaced by co-founder Larry Page in April, his assuming the role of executive chairman. Many people have asked why the changes then? Well according to Google, it is looking to “… streamline decision making and create clearer lines of responsibility and accountability.” This interesting news as it seems the proposed shakeup isn’t really one at all. The other part of the story that struck me is the selling of the shares, which are valued at over $350 million. Maybe Schmidt knows something about the value of them that we do not.