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New Media Diet

Posted: May 7, 2011 by emreale in Uncategorized

When Spring semester started, I believed every source and every author I read or heard.  But while taking this class, I realized you cannot trust every thing you hear. You have to be skeptical of everything and question it all.

I never had blogged before in my life, and once I started blogging, I was opened up to so many people’s opinions and thoughts on certain controversial subjects.  I sort of just ignore the news since usually it is depressing it never has anything to do with me, so why make myself upset? But I really enjoy blogging because the issues people blog about are not depressing or upsetting, they are full of life and are truly very interesting. This class has such a creative mind which influences other students to use WordPress as well and expand on their own ideas. I never thought I’d actually enjoy blogging, but I really did.

Other types of media I never used included Twitter. I never thought of Twitter being a source that I would ever follow or catch on to. This summer I created an account but never really used it. Now, knowing that I first heard about the death of Osama Bin Laden through Twitter really makes me realize how much I rely on it for fast communication. I check my twitter constantly now that I know I can receive information so quickly. Despite the rate at which I can have communication, I still have to question it. When I heard Osama was dead, the first thing I did was to check a more reliable source, CNN. Twitter is great for mass communication, but you still have to make sure it is true.

This class has opened up my mind a lot about the media. I never paid any attention to it at first, but now I am slowly starting to care more about it.


Royal Wedding Overshadowed?

Posted: May 4, 2011 by emreale in Uncategorized

With all the excitement and talk regarding the royal wedding in the past few months, I am shocked that the topic has dropped so fast from the American media. It seemed like every network had some sort of coverage on the wedding for weeks before the actual event even occurred. Once the day was over, all the hype completely dropped. Why? Well, perhaps because of the long awaited death of Osama Bin Laden? Or perhaps the extreme damage that has been caused by the tornadoes down south? Either way, America has finally decided to focus on more important issues actually happening in America.

What’s the Deal with Forever 21?

Posted: April 17, 2011 by emreale in Uncategorized

Although Forever 21 is probably the most popular store for girls in high school and college, there are some down sides to it. Forever 21 features in-style clothing at extremely low prices which for most girls is a definite plus. But if you look closer into the quality of the clothing and accessories, you may want to re-think your purchases. According to an article Forever 21 Article, the top 3 things NOT to buy at Forever 21 are their jeans, earrings and shoes. I am all for $10 jeans, $4 earrings and $20 high heels, but there’s always a catch. The jeans last for about a season, if you’re lucky. The earrings are made from cheap metal which can be harmful to your body and also can turn your ears a greenish-grey color. And as for the high heels, as soon as you put those on you’re gonna wish you just wore slippers out instead. Ouch.

Recently, trailers have been running in the theaters to promote the sequel to the all too popular comedy, “The Hangover”. “The Hangover Part 2” stars the same characters and follows a very, very similar plot. Because it is so much like the previous movie, the director, Todd Phillips, decided to pull the trailer from theaters since it would divulge too many of the movie’s mysteries. A copy of the letter has been released to several sources quoting Phillips.

“Warner Bros. and the M.P.A.A. have instructed all theatres to remove The Hangover Part II trailer #2 from Source Code and any other placements. These #2 trailers need to be DELETED FROM YOUR SERVER.” adding: “We greatly appreciate your immediate cooperation on this matter.”

Many people are still confused to why the trailer has been taken back. Warner Brothers has no comment on the removal of the trailer, which has left the media with many questions. It is said that the only other time something like this has occurred was when another sequel, “Paranormal Activity 2” had a trailer airing for about a week before the general audience complained about it being too scary.

Regardless of the incident with the trailer,I’ll definitely still go to see the sequel. Hopefully it won’t disappoint!

It’s All Downhill For The Shore

Posted: March 31, 2011 by emreale in Uncategorized

The Jersey Shore has had it’s run and now is on the verge of fading out. Recently, The Shore just ended their 3rd season of GTL (Gym, Tanning and Laundry). When MTV first aired this show, everyone went crazy for the Italian-American hit TV program. However, nowadays the fans are getting bored of the same old Situation being a jerk, Ronni-Sammi fights and the infamous drunken Snooki. What more can this cast offer? All three seasons repeat each other and to be honest, it’s getting extremely old. I came across an article on Yahoo! that explains why the Jersey Shore is failing so much. It’s a well written piece by Dave Nemetz highlighting why we have become so bored of our once favorite TV Program. Jersey Shore Article

How much does Security REALLY do?

Posted: March 24, 2011 by emreale in Uncategorized

Marist Security is known to the student body as the enemy, which if you think about is very ironic. Why would something meant to keep you safe and out of danger make people so angry?? Security drives around looking for ways to get students in trouble for essentially doing nothing wrong. I’ve had a few encounters with security, mostly being tickets from parking in faculty lots for about 2 hours on a Saturday night. Besides ticketing students incessantly, security also deals with the freshman and some sophomores who live in Marian and Midrise. Swiping into the dorm style buildings honestly does nothing to keep guests out, especially for sophomores. If you really wanted to, you could sneak in through a window on the first floor which I’ll admit I  have done successfully. When students go home for holidays, there have been numerous break-ins and robberies in the freshman and sophomore dorms. I know for a fact that these kids locked their doors and shut their windows, so who could possibly be gaining access into the rooms?  Someone with a master key, perhaps? Where’s security when you really need them.

Following up on my last post, Poughkeepsie is an extremely sketchy city. Security seems to be cracking down on the dumbest, most innocent things at Marist like parking and swiping in too late yet not focusing more attention on actually dangerous situations. There has been so much crime etc. at Marist, especially near Talmadge Court. It’s not a safe place to live, and it’s considered part of Marist housing, which makes me worried. With Marist being in such a sketchy city, security really needs to lay off the parking tickets and focus more on the actual danger.

Poughkeepsie is Sketchy

Posted: March 6, 2011 by emreale in Uncategorized

I’m sure we all know it by now, but the city outside beautiful Marist is not safe. When I was first looking at Marist, I had no idea how sketchy Poughkeepsie really was. My freshman year RA informed us on the first night that we should never go out alone, always be smart about talking to people you don’t know…the whole safety talk. After that night, I was officially sketched out. I feel like every time I check my phone, I have an email from John Gildard, the head of security and saftey at Marist, telling me about yet another dangerous encounter a student had. Thankfully, I had never had to deal with any crazy cabbies or sketchy Poughkeepsie-ans…until two days ago. My friend lost her phone in a cab and it was a pain to get it back. The cabbie answered her phone, knew she had lost it, yet would not meet us to give it back. It was the most ridiculous day of running around in circles, communicating face-to-face with multiple taxi drivers with all of our friends attempting to get the phone back. Finally at midnight he decided to pull up in his sketched out van and “French” accent or so he called it, and give back the phone. I love Marist but Poughkeepsie is very questionable.