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IPad 2

Posted: March 3, 2011 by chaas8191 in Uncategorized

Apple is set to release the IPad 2 on March 11th.  However, they did not really change a whole lot, because not a whole lot needed improvement.  The first model of the IPad sold over 15 million units and CEO of Apple Steve Jobs predicts another winner in the works.

According to USA today : “s expected, the new iPad adds front and rear cameras that permit the kind of FaceTime video chat that is so appealing on the latest iPhones and on Mac computers. FaceTime is especially inviting on the iPad’s 9.7-inch screen, the same size and resolution as its predecessor. Several competitors have already introduced tablets with cameras, including the generally praised — and more expensive —Motorola Xoom that went on sale recently.”

Also according to USA Today: “The hardware itself is a head-turner. New tablets come in black or white — Apple says both will be available on day one — and are noticeably slimmer. In fact, they’re 33% thinner than the first iPad and, at 1.3 pounds for the Wi-Fi-only model, a tad lighter.”

“The Wi-Fi model with 16, 32 or 64 gigabytes costs $499, $599 or $699, respectively. Models with Wi-Fi and 3G cellular (through Verizon or AT&T) are $629, $729 and $829.”




Discovery Space Shuttle

Posted: February 26, 2011 by chaas8191 in Uncategorized

Tis week, the space shuttle will  attempt a massive feat before launching for the last time to dock at the International Space Station.  According to USA today: ”

Discovery was the first orbiter to execute the nose-over-tail backflip just 600 feet below the outpost, as part of new heat shield inspection procedures that helped return the shuttle fleet to flight after the Columbia accident.

“They gave us the ability to move forward knowing that we had a vehicle that was safe to continue the mission and to return for de-orbit and entry,” LeRoy Cain, the deputy shuttle program manager, said of the inspection process first practiced in 2005.

All indications so far are that Discovery’s heat shields are in good condition on its final flight after a 4:53 p.m. ET Thursday launch from Kennedy Space Center.

Four pieces of external tank foam or other debris that came loose during the trip to space did so at times when they wouldn’t strike with great force, Cain said.

“When I look preliminarily at how Discovery looks in orbit and the performance of the external tank, I absolutely don’t expect that to be any issue,” he said.

Saturday in space

6:53 a.m. ET: Discovery crew awakes.

8:33 a.m.: Rendezvous operations begin.

11:32 a.m.: Engine burn to adjust trajectory.

1:06 p.m. Discovery performs pre-docking backflip.

2:19 p.m.: Docking at International Space Station.

4:18 p.m.: Hatch opening and welcome ceremony.

4:53 p.m.: Station’s robotic arm grapples and removes spare parts pallet from payload bay.

5:53 p.m.: Station’s robotic arm hands pallet off to shuttle’s robotic arm.

6:38 p.m.: Station arm moves bases.

7:08 p.m.: Shuttle arm hands pallet back to station arm.

7:48 p.m.: Station arm installs pallet on Starboard-3 truss segment.

10:23 p.m.: Station crew sleeps.

10:53 p.m.: Discovery crew sleeps .

Shuttle managers won’t give a certain bill of health until Sunday, after analysts finish reviewing images captured during inspections that began Friday.

Discovery crewmembers robotically scanned the edges of the orbiter’s wing and its nose cap, the areas subjected to the most intense heat during atmospheric re-entry.”.

This is a huge deal for the Space Station and for NASA.  I thought it was Interesting to hear and I feel that NASA isnt publicized in the news enough so i decided to post this.


IPhone: Verizon vs. AT&T

Posted: February 3, 2011 by chaas8191 in Uncategorized

In the next seven days, Verizon will be adding the IPhone to its repertoire of smart phones.  People who have tried the Verizon IPhone have had excellent service: there have been no dropped calls but they have experiences some poor call quality.  However, as stated in the article, “Though not every call was crystal clear — this is a cellphone, after all.”

Since 2007, Apple has sold over 80 million IPhones and sales in the last quarter topped 16.2 million.  However, there are two downfalls with the Smartphones: there is no flash player for videos on the web and the battery can’t be removed.

The article also includes an important disclaimer: “It’s impossible to judge network quality based on a relatively short testing period and in a confined, albeit major, geographic market. Not to mention what happens if throngs of new iPhone buyers suddenly pile onto Verizon’s network. But Verizon publicly stated that it has been bracing for the expected blitz of iPhone customers for a while and is confident its network will handle the demand.”

Having had an IPhone for two years before switching to Verizon, I am happy that the IPhone has finally come to Verizon.  Although I will have to wait almost two years before I am eligible for an upgrade, it is nice to know that the familiarity of my IPhone is no longer out of reach forever.

GOpad a good or bad thing?

Posted: January 26, 2011 by chaas8191 in Uncategorized

The GOpad was released and now allows gamers to get a quick fix whenever they want or wherever they are. The portable and compact gaming console is a USB port that can be hooked up to a computer and allow the owners to get their game fix on when they feel like it.  This device is hooked up to the computer and then acts as the controller for the game like on a gaming system.  The device is tiny and can fit in your pocket or purse without taking up too much room.  Also, the GOpad has a retractable USB cable so you can select how much cable you need to play your game of choice.  According to USA Today newspaper:

Available in black, the clamshell controller features a two-axis directional pad, four action buttons, four shoulder buttons and a turbo button. ION says the GOpad is compatible with most arcade-style games and included a PC version of Atari’sAsteroids to get you started on CD-ROM.

When this product is released at the end of January retailers estimate that it will sell for under $20.00.

Seeing this article in the newspaper made me stop to think about how influenced our society is today by gaming software and technology.  It seems that everywhere we turn there is some new innovation in technology that is supposed to make our lives easier or better.  However, if everything in our lives is controlled by technology, how are we supposed to be able to get rest or peace and quiet when our cell phones are going off constantly with text messages or emails? How are we supposed to be able to focus on our work when Facebook is on the internet distracting us from what is important? It seems as though in today’s society, that people are relying solely on technology to make their lives better.  For one day wouldn’t it be nice to simply shut out all distractions, shut off all sources of stress and just take a deep breath and relax?