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My Media Consumption

Posted: May 6, 2011 by agander in Uncategorized

Looking back at the semester I have to say my media has not changed much except for the fact that I’m more critical of the media I consume. As a college student I’m always on the go and my schedule doesn’t include much free time. That is why I make sure the media I am consume it stuff that I enjoy or is essential.

I still throughly enjoy listening to music when I’m in the car whether it be on the radio or from my iPod. I also listen to my  work out mix when I’m at the gym. I enjoy listening to all types of music so my iPod has quite a mixture.

Earlier in the semester I enjoyed watching Jersey Shore. Even though most people don’t like it to me it was a guilty pleasure. I also enjoy the occasional Spongebob episode that reminds me of when I was younger and I was also a huge fan of 90s Nickelodeon. I also enjoy watching shows on MTV such as America’s Best Dance Crew and the Real World. Instead of watching shows on TV I preferred to watch TV episodes on Netflix. I decided to get into the whole Lost series and I got through 4 seasons so far. I’m hoping to finish the rest over the summer but I’ve heard the ending isn’t that good but I’m hoping their wrong. I also enjoy Cake Boss on TLC and Extreme Couponing. It is crazy to see how obsessed people are with it. Lastly I enjoy watching most of the programs on E!, such as Fashion Police, E! news, Chelsea Lately, and After Lately. When it comes to television I channel surf to see what’s on and if anything looks interesting I’ll check it out.

My book consumption was pretty limited to my textbooks, which isn’t the most exciting, I did, however, read on of Chelsea Handler’s book over winter break. I will hopefully have more free time to read over summer break. I enjoy my monthly subscriptions to Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazine. They are just fun to read and I look forward to them in my mailbox every month.

My use of Facebook and Twitter have greatly increased over the semester because I have used them to keep in touch with friends at school and at home. I check them both multiple times throughout the day. This had led to my procrastination becoming increasing worth but in the end is worth it to me.

Media consumption is a large part of my life and I believe it will continue to be. Throughout my daily routine I consume a variety of different medias but it has helped me to be aware of the world around me. I enjoy having constant access to information, news, and current events. So as I mentioned before I don’t believe much has changed about my media consumption just that I’m a more critical consumer.


Is Pop Culture a New Religion?

Posted: April 27, 2011 by agander in Uncategorized

Earlier this week, Lady Gaga tweeted that pop culture is our religion. This lead me to thinking about what she said and she really isn’t far from the truth. In today’s society we worship celebrities. We are addicted to media and technology and get our information from shows such as E! News and TMZ. We integrate pop culture and the media into our daily lives. In today’s world where we spend more time following all the details of a royal wedding than what is happening in the news, Lady Gaga may be right. We have lost traditional religion for one of pop culture.

Facebook doomed to become Myspace?

Posted: April 24, 2011 by agander in Uncategorized

For those who use the popular social networking site Facebook, you may have noticed an increase in spam and viruses on the site. They come through messages, wall posts, and Facebook chat. By clicking on these random links you can open your computer. as well as, your Facebook to viruses. Also hacking has grown in popularity. These days you can now log on to find posts and comments that you didn’t do and realize your account has been hacked into. This is dangerous because it gives people access to all your personal information. With the increasing about of spam and viruses it leaves you to wonder if Facebook is doomed to the same fate as Myspace. Hopefully Facebook can come up with new security features to prevent this from happening.

The New FAD

Posted: April 8, 2011 by agander in Uncategorized

In today’s society it is hard to find someone who doesn’t have a Facebook. This social networking site has taken over and is now a large part of our daily lives. People will comment on how they need to get off Facebook to do homework or study for  test yet they never seem able to sign off. This could be an example of  FAD or Facebook Addiction Disorder. It’s sad to think that people are now addicted to a social networking site the same way others are addicted to drugs and alcohol. FAD is the most common of the growing Internet Addiction Disorders that have shown to be a real problem. They are a psycho-physiological disorder involving tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, affective disturbances and interruption of social relationships. Now when people joke about being addicted to Facebook they make actually be suffering from a real disorder. It goes to show just how much technology has taken over our lives.

The Power of Music

Posted: April 2, 2011 by agander in Uncategorized

Music is apart of our daily lives. We listen to it in the car, at the gym, on television, and in movies. It has the power to move, excite, or inspire. Music has the power to help us relax, get pumped up for an evening on the town, or energized for a sporting event. Music is also a versatile form of communication because it has all the features of verbal communication and above all universal. As a performer, music can recreate the emotions or feelings they felt when writing or recording. This helps a performer to form an emotional connection to their audience or followers. There is a type of music for everyone’s individual taste and personality. We can pick the music we listen to based on our moods, feelings, and emotions, essentially creating a soundtrack to our life.

Is Anyone Safe Anymore?

Posted: March 29, 2011 by agander in Uncategorized

It seems lately that there has been a rise in violence especially against those who have dedicated their lives to helping others. Recently there was a shooting at Poughkeepsie train station where two cops were fired on. One was injured and the other was pronounced dead at the hospital.  This may seem like a fluke act of violence but there were also two cases of violence near my hometown in Long Island. In one instance a man was running around with weapons and an undercover cop saw the man and attempted to stop him. While doing so the cops arrived and shot both the man and the undercover cop, both killed instantly. Also there was a car accident that the local fire department and police responded to. The firefighters and paramedics arrived before the police and when they approached the damaged vehicle the man inside began to fire at them. One of the firefighters was shot and badly injured. All of these incidents have occurred in such a short period of time that it makes one wonder if the firefighters and police who dedicate their lives to helping others are in such danger are we really safe?

Gaga’s Egg-cellent Grammy Entrance

Posted: February 20, 2011 by agander in Uncategorized

When it comes to Lady Gaga the outrageous and bizarre are her ideals of normal. At this years Grammy’s everyone waited to see what Gaga would do next and she certainly didn’t disappoint when she arrived concealed in a giant egg, which had to be carried in by four of her attendants. She remained inside the egg for 3 hours prior to her performance where she “hatched” on stage to perform her new single “Born This Way.” Now if arriving in an egg supplied with oxygen doesn’t seem crazy enough Gaga also had numerous wardrobe changes throughout the evening including a black armor like ensemble and another outfit, which included creating a fake mold to make her shoulder appear pointy. Gaga has definitely left her mark on the Grammy’s whether you think you she is brilliant or just downright crazy . This year she certainly outdid herself, which leaves you with the question how will she top that?