About COM201

There may be more to come in this space, but as at least as a placeholder, here’s the catalog description of COM 201 at Marist College:

This course surveys mediated communication—its technologies, history and development, functions, structures, operations, political economy, norms, ethics, practices, and roles in contemporary society. It examines how culture constructs, and is constructed by, media and how we come to define ourselves as individuals and as communities in a dynamic technologically driven world. Students will learn how to become critical consumers of media.

One note: the official catalog title for this course is “Communication in Society.” But I prefer the conjunction to the preposition. I think that “in” is a little bit too limiting. Communication does take place in a society, but it also holds the pieces of that society together, and even creates that society.

And some information about Marist:

Marist College, recognized for excellence by U.S. News & World Report, TIME Magazine and the Princeton Review, and by Barron’s Best Buys in College Education, is noted for its leadership in the use of technology to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Founded in 1929, Marist’s 150-acre campus overlooks the Hudson River in the heart of the historic Hudson Valley, midway between New York City and Albany, the state capital.

What started as a school for the training of future Marist Brothers has developed into one of the leading colleges of the arts and sciences in the Northeast. Marist is ecumenical in character and reflects the ideals of the founder of the Marist Brothers, St. Marcellin Champagnat: commitment to excellence in education, a pursuit of higher human values, and dedication to the principle of service.

Marist is dedicated to the development of the whole person in a way that will prepare our graduates for an enlightened, sensitive, and productive life in the global community of the 21st century.


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