My Media Diet

Posted: May 12, 2011 by rifayet in Uncategorized

From the beginning of the semester to now i’d like to think that my media diet has changed. After rereading my original paper about my media diet, I was shocked to see how much time I spent on Facebook. In the recent weeks I deactivated my Facbook because of my schoolwork overload, and i’ve been perfectly fine without it. Looking back at the 3-4 hours I spent on Facebook, it was a complete waste of time! Another thing I was shocked to see how dependent I was on my phone. In quoted in my paper “I’m lost without my phone.” Sometimes I like to test myself to see how long I can without my phone, still doesn’t last very long. I’ve learned there’s more to life then social networks and technology.

My media consumption was impacted by the thinkers that we studied in class. Neal Gabler especially. This book Life: The Movie changed my outlook on the media. Although the media and technology can be a great thing, they can also be harmful. My new outlook on the media and technologies is moderation.


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