New media diet

Posted: May 6, 2011 by kjmessina in Uncategorized

For a lot of my blog postings for this class, I found I had nothing to write about and had to go navigating around the web for inspiration. Doing this, however, helped me to open my eyes to the ways in which I ingest media. Through both my blog journeys and Com and Society classes spent unfolding a bunch of different corners in the media I had never found before, I experienced new ways to get information and entertainment. First, I don’t just type New York Times or Wall Street Journal in the search bar for news. Although I’m not the type of person to sit down and watch the news, I’ve found that through the wonderful Youtube, I can find multitudes of interesting stories and can hear three different angles of the same story from Fox, CNN, and NBC. I have also grown to particularly like Jon Stewart and The Daily Show because it makes the news a lot less dry for me. I am proud to say I know a little more about what is going on around me after taking this class. Also, over the course of the semester I have discovered the power of Twitter (although I swear I’ll never use it, I respect it and how fast word can travel), I have a new appreciation for recycled media like mashups and homemade videos after hearing Lawrence Lessig, and overall my eyes are open wider than to just Facebook and the usual three sites I visit while going online. One final thing I learned is that if I hear something intriguing in the news, I’d better write about it within ten minutes of hearing it or else chances are someone else has already tweeted it, blogged it, made it their status, and stolen it from me so I have to find a different topic. It’s all been a great experience, and I can gladly say I have a new appreciation for mediums I didn’t used to think about.


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