My Media Consumption

Posted: May 6, 2011 by agander in Uncategorized

Looking back at the semester I have to say my media has not changed much except for the fact that I’m more critical of the media I consume. As a college student I’m always on the go and my schedule doesn’t include much free time. That is why I make sure the media I am consume it stuff that I enjoy or is essential.

I still throughly enjoy listening to music when I’m in the car whether it be on the radio or from my iPod. I also listen to my  work out mix when I’m at the gym. I enjoy listening to all types of music so my iPod has quite a mixture.

Earlier in the semester I enjoyed watching Jersey Shore. Even though most people don’t like it to me it was a guilty pleasure. I also enjoy the occasional Spongebob episode that reminds me of when I was younger and I was also a huge fan of 90s Nickelodeon. I also enjoy watching shows on MTV such as America’s Best Dance Crew and the Real World. Instead of watching shows on TV I preferred to watch TV episodes on Netflix. I decided to get into the whole Lost series and I got through 4 seasons so far. I’m hoping to finish the rest over the summer but I’ve heard the ending isn’t that good but I’m hoping their wrong. I also enjoy Cake Boss on TLC and Extreme Couponing. It is crazy to see how obsessed people are with it. Lastly I enjoy watching most of the programs on E!, such as Fashion Police, E! news, Chelsea Lately, and After Lately. When it comes to television I channel surf to see what’s on and if anything looks interesting I’ll check it out.

My book consumption was pretty limited to my textbooks, which isn’t the most exciting, I did, however, read on of Chelsea Handler’s book over winter break. I will hopefully have more free time to read over summer break. I enjoy my monthly subscriptions to Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazine. They are just fun to read and I look forward to them in my mailbox every month.

My use of Facebook and Twitter have greatly increased over the semester because I have used them to keep in touch with friends at school and at home. I check them both multiple times throughout the day. This had led to my procrastination becoming increasing worth but in the end is worth it to me.

Media consumption is a large part of my life and I believe it will continue to be. Throughout my daily routine I consume a variety of different medias but it has helped me to be aware of the world around me. I enjoy having constant access to information, news, and current events. So as I mentioned before I don’t believe much has changed about my media consumption just that I’m a more critical consumer.


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