Media Diet

Posted: May 6, 2011 by nmiqueli in Uncategorized

When we were first asked to revise our media diet, I must say, I was stumped. I felt like nothing had changed, I still watched the same shallow celebrity gossip shows, and checked my twitter every hour.. but after making a conscious effort to track what I do throughout my day, I realized that my diet has expanded (slowly but surely). I will never be the type to watch the Today Show over Fashion Police, but I have found myself recently following more news channels on Twitter. All of my friends know me as the “girl who knows something about everything” (mostly when dealing with celebrities) and I actually enjoy having that reputation.

Because of this class, I have become more interested in blogging and reading other peoples blogs. I was never one to go on the internet for anything more than emailing, tweeting, and checking facebook, but recently i find myself stumbling around different blogs and websites. One of my favorite websites that I stumbled upon deals with fashion (my favorite), art, architecture, and traveling. This made me realize that you can actually find something interesting from blogs, rather than reading someone’s personal thoughts on how they feel about their personal life.

I really enjoyed this class because it opened my eyes up to so many media outlets that I had overlooked in the past. Thank you for an amazing year!


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