Social Media and Politics

Posted: May 5, 2011 by danieljtorres in Uncategorized

Tuesday was the Village election in New Paltz. The big race of course being for Mayor. A field of candidates from a former Trustee who lost in 2009 by one vote after he admitted he didn’t vote for himself, the owner of the Groovy Blueberry who ran on a platform of making New Paltz groovy (that isn’t a joke), a woman who had been serving as the active Mayor as the current Mayor recently suffered a stroke, and my friend Jason West who is the former Mayor of New Paltz. West made national headline when he solemnized the first same sex weddings. In an upset West beat the favored candidate and is now Mayor elect of New Paltz. The difference in my head was social media. The Times Herald-Record ran an article on it in fact. West was the only candidate to use any social media. His Facebook page featured pictures from every debate and fundraiser. Kept people informed on the issues, asked people to write letters, solicited donations, gathered volunteers, and even told people where they could get yard signs. In a small Village race every vote counts and it may just have been Facebook that gave West a 68 vote win.


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