Osama celebration

Posted: May 4, 2011 by wordoflegs in Uncategorized

I found it very interesting to watch the celebration after the announcement of the killing of Osama Bin Laden. However, what I found to be the most surprising, was the celebration that was carried-out by the college students.What surprised me was thinking that many on these students were between the grades of 3rd and 7th grade. Sure we (college age students) were old enough to remember the day and the emotions that were felt. But were we old enough and mature enough to understand the world before and after the September 11th attacks? I remember where I was when I heard about the World Trade Center being attacked. I awoke that morning to my parents crying and my brother  watching the news in a stoic manner. I was in the shower when the 2nd tower collapsed. I, personally would find it hard to celebrate his death, not because I find it hard to celebrate the death of someone–especially when they have so little regard for the human life, but because I do not fully remember what life was like before those attacks, and I, nor anyone, will ever see that life again.


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