My media consumption

Posted: May 4, 2011 by Matt Kelly in Uncategorized

I consume a lot of media in my life I use Facebook and Twitter as well as watching a lot of TV and movies and play a lot of video games. Its fair to say that media is a huge part of my life. Taking this course has changed my view of the media before this course I used to always believed everything I heard but now after taking this class I have learned not to believe everything I hear and to challenge what the media says and find out myself if it really is true. Also I know think critically of things I hear in the media and try to get my own interpretation of the situation that is going on. Another thing I learned from this course is to be careful about what you post on Facebook and Twitter because posts get around faster than you can even imagine so now I make sure I am very careful with what I am saying before I hit the share button on Facebook or the tweet button on Twitter once you hit those buttons you can’t retract it. Another big thing I learned about was the hypodermic needle theory where it is believed that the media forces ideas into our heads. I thought about this theory everyday up to the Royal Wedding I felt the media forced everyone to know about because everyday on the news that was all they talked about. In the present I think about this theory now with the death of bin laden you can’t go anywhere now without hearing about it you turn on the radio its there, you turn on a TV you are bound to hear someone talking about it. It is everywhere right now and no matter how hard you try you can’t find a way to avoid hearing about it.


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