My Media Binge

Posted: May 4, 2011 by lexx45 in Uncategorized

I chose Binge because the word diet just makes me feel as though I’m restricting my media intake to only good things. Similar to Adam Moss I like to take in that juicy bad for you media that makes you feel sick right after consumption. I’m more of a Media Fatty then a conscious media dieter. I prefer to consume, and sometimes over consume my media. There are days when I’m stuffing my face with media like a bulimic after a three-day purge. Under the advice from my doctor—err, advisor I signed up for this class. Lerner, my personal trainer to the media world, helped me to make better decisions when it came to my media diet. Now I can look at the news and be a critical viewer. I can go beyond the surface story and relate text to cultural and communications theorists.What I consume isn’t much different, but how I consume it is.

I will say that beyond my love for Family Guy, American Dad, Robot Chicken and SpongeBob, I know that last one doesn’t exactly fit in, I’ve grown a new obsession to some of the websites discussed in class. Now I have the option of splitting the time designated to my paper between Facebook and StumbleUpon. I’ve discovered the vulgarity of ChatRoulette, and the randomness associated with 4chan. After this class I have a better understanding of cultural references, I mean where would I be in the world if I didn’t know “Sad Keanu” or Angry Birds. Beyond the surface of said cultural parodies, I’ve learned my intake of media deserves some careful consideration. I now prefer blogs to newspapers or television news. They tend to be short and to the point; not enough words to express opinions, just facts. I’ve added “onthemedia” a new favorite because of their corky humor and interesting topics.

In conclusion I’ve thorough enjoyed this class even if it was at 8:00am on a Wednesday. And although this segment doesn’t end with the melodic voice of Bob or the editing skills of Brooke, I feel confident in saying it was truly a great class.


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