Media diets of media people

Posted: May 4, 2011 by Kevin M. Lerner in Uncategorized

Hi everyone. Just as a reminder of what I said in class today, and as a first note to those of you who (ahem!) were NOT in class today, your final post to this blog should be a revisiting of your media diet. What has changed? What have you added or removed from your diets (either by choice or by force)? What do you still consume, but more skeptically than before?

As inspiration, I’m posting a link to Adam Moss’s media diet. Moss is the editor of New York Magazine, and a very well-regarded editor in general, so it’s worth seeing what he takes in. Notice that some of it is serious, and some of it is Us Weekly.

Notice too that at the end of the piece, there are links to the media diets of several other media people.

Thanks again for a great semester. I look forward to reading those research papers. And I’m serious when I say that.


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