I’ll take some Twitter with a side of WordPress…

Posted: May 4, 2011 by Abouelmakarem in Uncategorized

So our last assignment in Communication and Society was to blog about how our media consumption has changed since we first started the class at the beginning of the semester. I can honestly say that the way I consume and access the media has changed so drastically, that people have made comments about it. Let me explain. In the beginning of the semester, I would go on Twitter maybe once a week, be met with hundreds of unread tweets, have nothing actually directed at me, close out the app and not go back on for another week. Now, I am on Twitter more than I probably should be – I check it almost every hour, sometimes more, to the point that I will be refreshing my feed and have nothing new load. You know you are addicted when you’re waiting for an update that doesn’t come and you feel your heart sink a little.

In terms of reading the news, I have become a much more active reader, often switching between multiple news sources and ways of accessing the news. I have the CNN and Huffington Post apps on the main screen of my iPhone and I am constantly reading up on stories and current events, making sure to check that what each reports are facts and accurate. I also have gone back to the ‘old-fashioned’ way of getting the news: a newspaper. I think there is just something intimate about holding the paper in your hands and flipping through the pages, getting black ink on your hands in the process. Just don’t touch your face afterward.

Another way that my media diet has changed is that I am now actively blogging. Before this class, I had once run a blog for about a week and fizzled out, not really seeing the point or feeling the gratification of writing to the world. Now that I had to write for a class, it made me see the importance of blogging. Not only does it improve your writing skills, it also lets you learn how to use blogging as a useful networking tool. I now have my own personal blog running on the side – and I usually get excited about writing a new post.

So in conclusion, I would like to say that my media diet has evolved. I came into this class with an unhealthy diet of fast food and simple tastes, and now have a refined palate, a new found appetite, and the willingness to try anything and everything, at least once.

In honor of the endorsements that we usually have at the end of class, I would like to make two endorsements:

First, if you don’t have TweetDeck on your computer, download it now. It has changed the way I tweet. Although the downside it while trying to write a paper and seeing every tweet pop up in the corner. Easily turned off, but who wants to miss a tweet?

Second, I urge everyone to do something amazing this summer. Do something that you can put onto your resume of life, something that you can die knowing you did, something that cannot be bought. Make this summer the summer that you improve yourself as a person, or just improve someone’s life. Finally finish that book that’s been sitting on your coffee table. Call your grandmother and let he know you miss her and love her. Finally go to Paris and take the path less traveled.

It’s been a great semester.

  1. KLerner says:

    Is there still a path in Paris that isn’t well-traveled?

  2. The ones that tourists don’t normally take, yes.

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