How My Media Diet Has Changed

Posted: May 4, 2011 by mars2thebars in Uncategorized

This has been quite the semester; one filled with cultural experiences that have broadened my interpretation and way of understanding the world. It has also made me a bit depressed in the sense that whenever i ingest some messages from the media, I will immediately question the validity of the message, because I was not there in person and did not get to experience it first hand. Growing up in a very republican family, my father set guidelines for me that were strict and conservative. I hated his way of conducting life. I chose the path of more for the people, open to change, and open to equality route, while my father (not necessarily because he’s a Republican) is a very narrow minded individual. Communication in Society taught me so much about the many bullshit (pardon my French) aspects of media, bias, origination, interpretation, etc. I will now watch a television show, commercial, or advertisement and severely pick apart the propaganda and message that the sender of the message is trying to send. I have now realized that the term “quality” is growing more and more subjective every day, and the opinions of people are becoming more and more voiced with the enhancement of networking, and these opinions are creating more and more controversy; more and more differences all around us. Based on my studies in this class, it is becoming clear to me that truth as a whole is beginning to be an extraneous concept. There are so many different ways to interpret good and bad, write and wrong, left and right, and more and more people are becoming educated about things that don’t even matter in my opinion. The media is somehow using this strange tactic; a subliminal one where they are setting our agendas as viewers of the media and telling us what to believe is important. I’m starting to think that everything in this world is a lie, a ploy, a reason for me to be distracted with learning about myself, a reason to get interrupted with figuring out and experiencing the mysteries of the world on my own. I now question what is genuine, I question the credentials of all, and I buy into conspiracy theories. I believe that nothing is really what it seems, which is why I can’t just “take things for what they are,” and I have started to question what freedom really is. The media is actually a horrible place, brainwashing people and making them feel glorified as if to say that every little thing that they have to say is important enough to be put on a social networking website, when really, it is nothing more than a trick, a distraction, and a defeat of self-fulfillment. I want to get away from the news, or at least question it all the time now; I want my own news.

Thank you for a terrific semester



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