The Mainstream Music Trend

Posted: May 3, 2011 by jbianchi23 in Uncategorized

Have you ever noticed that a band will start off being unknown and only playing small shows in underground bars? The select few that make it to the “mainstream” or are at least are played on terrestrial radio often change their style in order to fit in with what people really want to hear. This common shift often occurs after a band has several successful songs and obtains a substantial fan following.

Why then, do such bands change their style at all? Too often, you hear about how ‘this new album is a shift from the old album.’  Why do these bands change? The answers lies in money. Most bands would rather shift their music and make tons of money; rather than keep the same music and have to get a second job. It is an unfortunate part of our culture – the fact that society in a sense is essentially shifting bands’ styles. The money may be one main factor in this problem, but the money only comes from the people, or the society, that is willing to pay for the product (music in this case). Therefore, it is fundamentally the society and culture that is forcing these bands to shift their styles. A seemingly unavoidable and unfortunate aspect of American culture.


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