Obama jokes about Donald Trump

Posted: May 2, 2011 by nmiqueli in Uncategorized

This Saturday, Obama along with other representatives from all around attended the White House Correspondent’s Dinner where Donald Trump was roasted unmercifully. President Barack Obama didn’t mention Donald Trump by name when he revealed his long-form birth certificate last week, but he definitely did so at the dinner. Who could blame him? Trump wouldn’t let the situation rest. Obama showed a picture of what the White House would look like if Trump were to be elected, which I found extremely funny. He also discussed how Donald would focus on the ‘real issues’ while he was in office like, “did we fake the moon landing, or where are Biggie and Tupac?” I think that Obama had a great execution, but Trump on the other hand, didn’t even crack a smile. Trump fired back the next day with a comment, “When you’re leading the polls, I guess that’s the one you shoot at,” he said. “I was honored by the fact that they devoted most of their speeches to me.” After the news Obama delivered last night, I don’t think Trump even has a chance. Quit while your ahead and save yourself the embarrassment Trump, PLease.


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