Renting out A Country

Posted: April 29, 2011 by mars2thebars in Uncategorized

Fellow Bloggers,

Today our “Convergence Culture” reading talked about politics and how basically, they will evolve together with the advancement of cultural norms. The proof that Henry Jenkins exhibits in his argument with cybercandidates is astonishing, and really shows that culture will indeed affect the outcome of a poll. His argument can be interpreted as a very people-empowering notion. In a separate blog that I am a part of with a few of my friends on Facebook called “The Knolls,” we discussed a cultural norm that is a little absurd. My good friend Martin posted a comment with a link to a website where for 140,000 dollars, one could actually rent out an entire country, specifically, Lichtenstein. CRAZY! I think my friends are going to rent it out, and try to have a U.N. representative declare world peace….yea right. Still, this relates to the reading because without this advancement of media, how would the Lich’ government, how would the country ever be able to advertise the rentoing out of their entire country!?

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