Posted: April 28, 2011 by lexx45 in Uncategorized

For my last and final blog post I’ve decided to finally make an endorsement, in fact I’m going to make two.

First I would like to endorse a book called “Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?” by Thomas Kohnstamm. Kohnstamm is a travel writer and author of several Lonely Planet  guide books. However in his book Kohnstamm depict the juicy details of travel writers. The ability to write stories about a country you’re not even in, his encounters with drugs, sex, and several late night rendezvous. It’s a fun read with Kohnstamm using his sarcasm to take you through Northeastern Brazil and the truth behind travel writing.

For my second endorsement I want to delve into my true hobby… FOOD! If you’re looking for authentic Italian food you need to go to Bacco located on Dutchess Tpke in Poughkeepsie, not to be confused with Cafe Bocca (that owner is a real ass). Don’t expect to find “Chicken Parm” on the menu… No! This place boasts a menu that includes homemade pastas and mozzarella, fresh and local ingredients, and recipes that would make the old world proud. My only advice is to bring mommy and daddy because the bill hardly covers a student salary. However at Marist there are times when I would certainly disagree. Anyway it’s definitely worth checking out!


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