Rex Ryan’s New Book

Posted: April 26, 2011 by mikenic1 in Uncategorized

Rex Ryan, the often outspoken head coach of the New York Jets, is set to release his new book called, “Play Like You Mean It,”. Ryan wrote the book after only two years as head coach of the Jets, however, the book is filled with interesting stories about his short, but successful time with the Jets. The book provides an in depth look at Ryan’s time with the Jets and documents his unique style of coaching and running the team. The book also provides information about Ryan’s relationship with both current and former Jets.   Ryan does not hold back his feelings about some of his former players that he did not get along with. Ryan also talks about some of his public feuds with players and coaches outside of the New York Jet organization. He shares his true feelings about star quarterback Tom Brady, and also describes his current relationship with Wes Welker and Tony Dungy, who he had fought with in the past.  Along with his relationship with players and coaches around the NFL, Ryan also talks about his goals for the future. The book does not hold back, but who would expect anything less for Rex Ryan.


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