New Underpass Causing Problems

Posted: April 26, 2011 by mikenic1 in Uncategorized

This summer, Marist College, along with the State of New York, plans to build a new underpass for the students of Marist College. The underpass is set to be built in between the Donnelly Building and the main gate.  The underpass will have many positive benefits for both the students of Marist College and the residents of the City of Poughkeepsie. The underpass will improve the safety of the students of Marist, while also improving traffic on Route 9.  The project is set to cost about $8.6 million dollars, and the cost will be split between the State of New York and Marist College. This has some residents upset, however. Many people in New York believe that Marist should pick up the entire bill because of the wealth they has developed over the years. The project will cost New York a lot of money in a time when New York is struggling to find money. Tax payers want New York to spend the money on things such as education and other public projects. The underpass is set to be built this summer and will have a major impact on the Marist College campus.


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