Facebook for Bodybuilders

Posted: April 18, 2011 by jbianchi23 in Uncategorized

People are always asking – what is going to be the “new” Facebook? Maybe the answer lies in Bodybuilding.com’s, Bodyspace. This is essentially a Facebook – but only for those interested in bodybuilding, athletic training and competitions etc. The site has space for the bodybuilders’ current sports supplements, measurements, future competitions, and much more. Ultimately, this is for the truly dedicated and motivated bodybuilders who are interested in tracking their own progress while interacting and getting new workout or supplement information from fellow members. Bodyspace is attached to Bodybuilding.com which is a highly reputable sports supplement website.

The idea is perfect. Attract members to Bodyspace since it has the similar addictive qualities as Facebook, and that person is more than likely going to buy their supplements from this website in the future. In a way, this idea is more creative than Facebook since this company is actually selling something. It has cleverly turned free social networking into something that can be bought and sold. Though there are only a few million members, I would not be surprised to start seeing similar “Facebook like” websites that are directed towards specific groups of people with similar interests.


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