What’s the Deal with Forever 21?

Posted: April 17, 2011 by emreale in Uncategorized

Although Forever 21 is probably the most popular store for girls in high school and college, there are some down sides to it. Forever 21 features in-style clothing at extremely low prices which for most girls is a definite plus. But if you look closer into the quality of the clothing and accessories, you may want to re-think your purchases. According to an article Forever 21 Article, the top 3 things NOT to buy at Forever 21 are their jeans, earrings and shoes. I am all for $10 jeans, $4 earrings and $20 high heels, but there’s always a catch. The jeans last for about a season, if you’re lucky. The earrings are made from cheap metal which can be harmful to your body and also can turn your ears a greenish-grey color. And as for the high heels, as soon as you put those on you’re gonna wish you just wore slippers out instead. Ouch.


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