Spongebob. A kids show?

Posted: April 13, 2011 by SConnor in Uncategorized

I’m sure you all know of the cartoon on nick that is about a yellow sponge named “Spongebob”. Normally, one would think this is a kids show. Even if it were, I still watch it today because it is a hilarious show. I don’t think Spongebob is in any way a kids show. I feel like they use big words randomly that a young child won’t understand. Another thing are the subliminal messages put in the show. For example, there was one episode where Patrick Star heard about a curse by reading it on a dumpster. He told Spongebob about it and told him it was a “word enhancer”. So for this whole episode you see Patrick and Spongebob cursing but having it *bleeped* out by dolphin sounds. Also at the end, Spongebob and Patrick were told that those were bad words. Mr. Krabs yelled all “13 bad words” at the end of the show but also having it *bleeped* out by dolphin noises. There are other episodes where they do things reflecting in drugs as well. So, if you had to chose between kids show and college show, what would you pick?

Here are some subliminal messages. Spongebob.


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