You’re Fired!

Posted: April 11, 2011 by lexx45 in Uncategorized

Donald Trump: A name synonymous with way too much money and still not enough to buy a good hairpiece, has taken on a new role as a potential presidential candidate for 2012. Apparently being a real estate mogul and TV personality with billions of dollars was not enough for the Donald. And if running the entire “Trump” brand isn’t doing it for you, well, why not rule the entire country. In the beginning many believed Trumps rants about running for president were a publicity stunt used to draw people to his show Celebrity Apprentice, a stunt that worked wonders. After questioning president Obama on his “missing birth certificate” his TV ratings went up 7%-7.1 million people watching, the shows all time high. But when Trump appeared on The O’Reilly Factor it seemed his run for the republican presidential nomination was…well real! As far as I can see his presidential campaign is run on the idea that President Obama is not a US citizen. Trump even went as far as to hire investigators to go to Hawaii in search of evidence. In his words “they cannot believe what they’re finding.” As absurd as this presidential nomination sounds, how truly odd is it? Honestly it wouldn’t be the first time America elected a presidential candidate who was also a TV/movie personality. Some are even going as far as to say that his business knowledge will be a major selling point, and his ability to speak to the average American will gain him votes. My verdict. I don’t care, but if he is elected president there truly is no hope for this country and I’m moving to Europe. Au revoir l’Amérique



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