Multitasking and Memory

Posted: April 11, 2011 by clgiblin in Uncategorized

A recent study shows that multitasking can hinder the working memory of older people. It is found that people between the ages of sixty and eighty have more trouble remembering tasks after a brief interruption than do people in their twenties or thirties. This study asked people to look at a scene, then were interrupted for several seconds by a picture of a person’s face. They were then asked to identify the person in the pictures gender and approximate age, and then to answer questions about the earlier scene. The researchers found that the older people “…found it much harder to disengage from the interruption and reestablish contact with the scene.” The older people are having a “diminished ability” to reactivate the networks involved in the initial task. With technology interruptions all the time, it is no wonder why people are getting distracted and forgetting the task they were supposed to be doing.


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