Pandora Investigation

Posted: April 4, 2011 by jbianchi23 in Uncategorized

Today, an industry wide investigation was started by the federal government in regard to smart phone application media sharing. One company that was issued a subpoena was Pandora Media Inc. The government is trying to make sure that media sharing programs like Pandora are not illegally transmitting music or other media with a copyright. The government is also looking into whether or not the apps are transmitting back private data in regard to individuals who are using the apps. This is similar to the ongoing Facebook probe in which Facebook has been caught transmitting user data to advertising companies.

It all comes down to privacy. Since the internet and media sharing websites are relatively new in the eyes of the law and regulation; the government has begun looking into what is considered private information. This is a key time where up to date regulations will be defined that will be the standard for the future. These laws will have an effect on social media websites like Facebook and media sharing websites like Pandora. The laws that are defined from the result of these investigations may or may not change the nature of what is allowed on websites of this nature – making this an extremely important topic for internet users.


More on this:

Wall Street Journal –


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