Were The ‘Teen Mom’ brawlers paid to fight?

Posted: April 1, 2011 by slombardi2 in Uncategorized

When Teen Mom star, Jenelle Evans got into a fight with her former friend, many argued that MTV paid her to brawl. With all the reality shows on MTV, who knows what they would paid them to do. I definitely think that they egged these two on and from the looks of the fight, I also think that MTV instigated it and bribed the Teen Mom with money. As a viewer of the show, I for one know that Jenelle is desperate for money and would probably do just about anything to earn money. 

Also, it was said that right after the fight both Jenelle and her former friend decided it would be a good idea to sell their video of the brawl. With Jenelle being famous, she wanted a bigger cut of the 5,000 dollars they sold it for. I think MTV and Jenelle set it up so they would both get something out of it. It makes me wonder and is questionable if MTV also paid the victim to press chargers on Jenelle so it would attract the public.


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