Betty White Is A Saint

Posted: April 1, 2011 by bretthouseal1 in Uncategorized

One name: Betty White. Betty White has been on the acting scene for decades and she hasn’t stopped chugging, even at the age of 89. White has been featured on my different comedy television shows, but most importantly on the hit show, “The Golden Girls”. “Golden Girls” was created by NBC and was a show about 4 elderly women and their everyday lives. It was very successful because it was the first of its kind, featuring just elderly women AND the fact that it was a comedy. After the show Betty White was the lovable grandmother every one wanted. Once again, Betty White is joining forces with NBC, but in a totally different type of show. NBC is making a show starring Betty White in a reality show in which White pranks younger people when they least expect it.  The working title is “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers” and will be aired soon. I will definitely be watching because lets face it, an 89 year old woman pranking young people is classic. Betty White is a saint.


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