Should Companies Be on Social Networking?

Posted: March 28, 2011 by jbianchi23 in Uncategorized

Have you noticed recently that at the end of a commercial you will see or hear “Join us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter!” And much to my surprise, I as well as many of my friends either “like” or are “friends” with several corporations on Facebook. From the company’s perspective, this is a flawless business venture. They get to advertise and post promotions for free as their “status updates.” Those advertisements show up on people’s’ “news feed” and those that are interested may actually spend money on that event/product.

Should this type of social media exist? Or should sites like Facebook only allow social interactions among people – not huge corporations? Since sites like Facebook and Twitter are relatively new, these areas and ideas are relatively unexplored. From Facebook’s perspective, they just want as many daily users as possible – regardless of whether or not the users are people or companies. But can social media websites make more money by charging companies a fee to create a membership? Or would this violate the “free” idea of sites like Facebook?


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