Violence Goes Viral

Posted: March 27, 2011 by kellyrachael in Uncategorized

Recently on Tosh.O and other media outlets a shocking story has been highlighted. An outrageous example of violence was seen recently on St. Patrick’s Day at SUNY Albany’s “Kegs and Eggs” celebration. When my friends were talking about this and news anchors were reporting on it, I knew I had to go onto YouTube and check it out. The footage was unreal. The students were jumping on top of random cars, destroying windshelds with their bodies, throwing televisions from windows. Not only were they defacing public property but when cops came to try and settle the insanity, they were screamed at and spit on. First off, I realize that alcohol makes you do stupid things, but this story has taken that statement to a new extreme. Keep the party inside, hang out on your front porch, but to bring this kind of craziness to the streets is unreal. This is seen all over the world on St. Patrick’s Day, and the police have little control over these situations. Recently in Hoboken the same mayhem broke out, however thankfully not to the extreme of Albany. How far is to far? And why does everyone find the need to post this type of behavior on YouTube? Don’t these students have morals and values. Why would you want your image and reputation to be tainted and plastered all over the media world. There is no filter anymore, people post anything and everything they want on this website and it’s completely outrageous and needs to stop.


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