How much does Security REALLY do?

Posted: March 24, 2011 by emreale in Uncategorized

Marist Security is known to the student body as the enemy, which if you think about is very ironic. Why would something meant to keep you safe and out of danger make people so angry?? Security drives around looking for ways to get students in trouble for essentially doing nothing wrong. I’ve had a few encounters with security, mostly being tickets from parking in faculty lots for about 2 hours on a Saturday night. Besides ticketing students incessantly, security also deals with the freshman and some sophomores who live in Marian and Midrise. Swiping into the dorm style buildings honestly does nothing to keep guests out, especially for sophomores. If you really wanted to, you could sneak in through a window on the first floor which I’ll admit I  have done successfully. When students go home for holidays, there have been numerous break-ins and robberies in the freshman and sophomore dorms. I know for a fact that these kids locked their doors and shut their windows, so who could possibly be gaining access into the rooms?  Someone with a master key, perhaps? Where’s security when you really need them.

Following up on my last post, Poughkeepsie is an extremely sketchy city. Security seems to be cracking down on the dumbest, most innocent things at Marist like parking and swiping in too late yet not focusing more attention on actually dangerous situations. There has been so much crime etc. at Marist, especially near Talmadge Court. It’s not a safe place to live, and it’s considered part of Marist housing, which makes me worried. With Marist being in such a sketchy city, security really needs to lay off the parking tickets and focus more on the actual danger.


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