This is your Captain speaking…Please talk to your neighbor

Posted: March 22, 2011 by lexx45 in Uncategorized

In light of spring break just ending and it not exactly resembling spring weather outside, I thought I’d write a piece regarding a very serious issue. Well not exactly. Many of us left campus to either go home or forget all social norms on a beach somewhere in Florida. Whatever the destination, some of you took trains or even flew like myself. While I was pre-writing this blog post I was sitting in JFK waiting for my plane to board. Oddly enough this time is spent not reading the paper or stuffing my face with overpriced terminal food, but rather people watching. It’s amazing the people you come across in the airport. But it isn’t until I board the plane that I realize how many people prefer to be secluded. We sit next to a complete stranger for whatever the time maybe, in my case 2 hours, and only speak when we need to get out of our seat to use the restroom…ugh…lavatory. Isn’t this exactly what they teach us in college NOT to do? Shouldn’t we be networking? Why then do we put our headphones in at our earliest convenience? Obviously many people despise flying and just want to relax, but what if we’re missing out on an amazing networking opportunity. FemaleBusiness writes,

you could be missing out on a great networking opportunity. What if that person is the next person who you make a sale to, knows someone looking for that hard-to-fill vacancy or simply offers you some pearls of wisdom?

The article goes on to mention good tips for networking such as checking the age and gender of the traveler. Either way I pose a challenge. Next time you find yourself on a train or on a flight, sitting next to a complete stranger, try to spark up a conversation. What’s the worst that could happen, they turn you down?


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