Has Facebook Made Us Lazy?

Posted: March 9, 2011 by danieljtorres in Uncategorized

Recently at Marist there was a Facebook protest called “No Voice No Choice.” This was in response to a candidate for Student Body president being disqualified. His disqualification made the Student Body President race a one person race. The candidate in question failed to turn in his papers on time. He appealed the decision and Marist’s student chief justice upheld the decision. People took their frustration to Facebook. Profile pictures started becoming graphics of a man with tape over his mouth and students wrote they felt democracy was not being enacted and the candidate should still get to run. Besides the fact that re-opening an election because you don’t like the results is inherently un-democratic it did make me think. In the same week I was informed about a protest at Vasser for the workers of Wisconsin. At SUNY New Paltz they will be holding a “Teach In” students will walk out of class to go to lecture halls and have other professor’s talk about the state of SUNY and why money is drying up. Later this month I am going to moderate a discussion with a number of political leaders on a bill that is currently in the Assembly that could save 14,000 teachers jobs this year alone. Neighboring schools are and have stood up for the rights of teachers, firefighters, policemen, EMT’s, and the funding of education. The two planned protests for “No Voice No Choice” resulted in a turnout of exactly no one. I wonder if in a way Facebook has made us lazy. Is it enough for people to change a profile picture instead of actually doing something? I think the “No Voice No Choice” protests were misguided and sort of embarrassing based on the issues our neighboring schools are tackling. Yet, we talk about the power of Facebook often and I have to wonder if at times it also puts out the opposite effect. Maybe some people think changing a status is more important than picking up a phone, writing a politician, or demonstrating.


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