$4.00 a Gallon!?! WTF!

Posted: March 7, 2011 by lexx45 in Uncategorized

It comes as no surprise that oil prices will rise and fall. However this March oil prices have skyrocketed, and I honestly cannot figure out why. It’s not like it’s the summer when oil prices increase during the popular vacation season. According to VOA News “Turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa in the past few months has driven the price of oil on the world market to more than $100 a barrel” This rapid increase from $90 to more than $106 per barrel in only a few weeks is making officials in Washington nervous. If this increase continues many are afraid it could push this country back into a recession. As a commuter student here at Marist I’m hit very hard by the oil increase. But even if you don’t have a car on campus you’ll certainly feel the effects sooner or later. Almost every aspect of society relies on oil. Business will have to spend more to pay for the gas used to deliver their products across the country. From food to personal care products prices will begin to increase at the consumer’s expense. I suppose there is a small, miniscule, silver lining in all this, depending on where you stand in the following issue. This could push Washington to begin offshore drilling projects in hopes of finding some domestic oil reserve. In the meantime I suppose my wallet will either have to endure, or my bike will become a VERY valuable commodity.


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