Poughkeepsie is Sketchy

Posted: March 6, 2011 by emreale in Uncategorized

I’m sure we all know it by now, but the city outside beautiful Marist is not safe. When I was first looking at Marist, I had no idea how sketchy Poughkeepsie really was. My freshman year RA informed us on the first night that we should never go out alone, always be smart about talking to people you don’t know…the whole safety talk. After that night, I was officially sketched out. I feel like every time I check my phone, I have an email from John Gildard, the head of security and saftey at Marist, telling me about yet another dangerous encounter a student had. Thankfully, I had never had to deal with any crazy cabbies or sketchy Poughkeepsie-ans…until two days ago. My friend lost her phone in a cab and it was a pain to get it back. The cabbie answered her phone, knew she had lost it, yet would not meet us to give it back. It was the most ridiculous day of running around in circles, communicating face-to-face with multiple taxi drivers with all of our friends attempting to get the phone back. Finally at midnight he decided to pull up in his sketched out van and “French” accent or so he called it, and give back the phone. I love Marist but Poughkeepsie is very questionable.


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