South Park

Posted: March 4, 2011 by SConnor in Uncategorized

Is South Park a good source of entertainment? The very controversial t.v. show called South Park is a poorly animated show that have many seasons published with many more to come. This show includes violence, bad language and much more that parents would come to the conclusion that they would not want their kids watching this show in which they shouldn’t being that it is for mature audiences only. Is South Park making us dumber by watching it? Most people say yes because of the “idiotic” things that happen on the show. I believe not however. This show is mostly based on current events that happen in real time and the people over at South Park studios just take the news and put a twisted humor to it. I believe this show is a great form of entertainment for all mature audiences. It is not only funny to watch, but it gives you the gist on what is going on with real world news on occasion. I were to recommend watching this show to all the people who don’t for negative reasons of their own.


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