American Empowerment in “The Office”

Posted: March 3, 2011 by mars2thebars in Uncategorized

One of my favorite television shows, “The Office” was on television tonight as I sat on my friends chair pondering what I was going to write about in my WordPress blog post. So as I sat there, I watched as Oscar and Michael unfolded into an argument regarding weapons of mass destruction. Oscar is known as the character in the show who knows everything, and uses the word “actually” frequently in order to butt into every conversation that he possibly can. He typically is in charge of correcting Michael; or anyone, for that matter. Michael is known as the character who doesn’t know much and makes completely inappropriate comments all the time. However, Michael did a little bit of research on China and their up rise as a nation. He made a comment which Oscar challenged, and the information was confirmed by another employee that Michael was in fact, correct. Long story short, Oscar challenged Michael to speak more about China over coffee. Michael arrogantly accepted. At one point in the conversation, it seemed as if Oscar had a complete stronghold on the conversation when all of a sudden, Michael made a statement that none of that matters. Rather, what is important is that two people, regardless of differences, are sitting down and generating ideas. This is what is most important in the human life. So I dedicate this blog post to Michael.





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