The Advertising Dream

Posted: March 1, 2011 by jbianchi23 in Uncategorized

Do you carry your phone with you everywhere you go? I would assume the answer for literally ALL people would be yes. Do you use a social networking website such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.? Again, I would think that everyone reading this would answer a quick and honest, “yes.”  Have you noticed an increasing amount of annoying advertisements on your social media? Well advertisements may soon become less annoying and more useful.

Introducing – the direct to mobile phone based on current location target advertisement specials! (I hope that is not how it is actually introduced)

Soon, advertisers will have your current location (based on your cell phone’s GPS poistion), and will be able to use that location to generate local ‘deals’ for you as you pass by. For example, say you are walking down the street in the town of Poughkeepsie. If this idea were to go through, you would receive a text message or alert of any possible ‘deals’ or specials that are available only for that particular day in that area. Say, Red Lobster is having a buy one get one free entrée special and you happen to walk near that Red Lobster location; you will receive a text message notifying you of that special.

This may be the next generation of advertisements to hit our social media world. I can imagine the enormous amount of people opposed to this idea and how it could be a violation of privacy. However, I would not mind this new phenomenon at all. If it does not happen, maybe I am looking for a place to eat with my friend and I happen to walk by that Red Lobster and miss out on that buy one get one free special. I would rather know about it and have my privacy be violated than miss out on it and spend extra cash! Though this idea is relatively new and may not ever be allowed to launch.

More on this topic:

Wall Street Journal – “Coming Soon, Advertiser Alerts on Your Phone” by Amir Efrati



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