Lady Gaga- “Born This Way”

Posted: March 1, 2011 by kjmessina in Uncategorized

To make an understatement, Lady Gaga’s new song as of February 11th, “Born This Way,” is inspirational. She encourages people to be proud of their race, sexuality and disability “cause God makes no mistakes.” Her performance at the 2011 Grammys has already gotten nearly 2.5 million views on Youtube. Rolling Stone calls some of the lines “hilariously dippy.” It points out that the song”sums up all the complex Gaga mythos, all her politics and Catholic angst and smeared lipstick, in one brilliant pop blast.” commends its love-yourself message and states that it is huge and global. Both sources compare the song to Madonna’s “Express Yourself,” which was a similar attempt to rally everyone up and get them to chant a catchy, inspiring song. I found it really interesting, and there will definitely be a lot of talk about it in the coming months. (As if Lady Gaga hadn’t already become one of the hugest phenomena in our pop culture.) If you haven’t heard the song yet, listen to it!


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