Sheen Gone Crazy

Posted: February 28, 2011 by kellyrachael in Uncategorized

Every morning I try to find the time in my schedule to watch The Today Show on NBC. This morning was especially  important because Charlie Sheen was finally going to give a face- to face interview about his spiral out of control. However, to him he has done nothing wrong and is in complete control over himself, his addiction and the situation…yeah right. The Interview was outrageous to watch, he was fidgety and uneasy the entire time. He made outrageous demands, such as stating he thinks he should make 3 million per episode of CBS’s prime time show,  Two and a Half Men. 3 million per episode, for a show that is not even that funny. It really makes me think about this world as a whole, where families have to give up so much time and energy just to send there kids to college, or worse put food on the table. And this guy just gets to show up to read some lines, still strung out, on a television sitcom for a few hours a week. Hard working adults will not make that amount of money in 5 years of hard work.  Not only was this demand insane, but he was calling out CBS and everyone behind the show for pulling episodes and stating that Sheen was unable to work. I do believe he has an addiction, and claiming that he is superhuman and can beat it on his own sounds a little outrageous if you ask me. This guy needs serious help, I just don’t know when he is going to realize that.


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