This Just In: Bieber’s New Hair

Posted: February 25, 2011 by emreale in Uncategorized

About two days ago, teen pop idol Justin Bieber chopped off his famous locks. The hair-do known to be a huge part of Bieber’s image was apparently completely destroyed. Clearly this risky move was so colossal that it spread like wildfire, breaking the hearts of teen girls all over the nation. The new hair supposedly will put out the message that Justin Bieber is not a little boy anymore, but is a young man. I can only think though, how long  can he keep this act up? Other singers like Aaron Carter had a phase like Bieber’s and then slowly died out as they got too old for their role in music. Right now, Bieber is just another teen craze and not much after that. Will he have his time, and then disappear? Or will he change to keep up with the music industry?


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