The Narcissistic Personality Test

Posted: February 25, 2011 by fmed77 in Uncategorized

While browsing the Internet, I happened to come across this test that was developed by Dr Drew Pinsky (of Celebrity Rehab fame) and Dr. S Mark Young.

The test, an assessment of a narcissistic personality, contains 40 questions, with an A or B answer. The official name of the test is the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI). At the bottom of the test, there is a grading system. The idea is to take the test and answer the questions honestly, and then afterwards, grade your answers according to the system that they have developed.

I haven’t taken the test yet because I want to be able to put my full attention on it, and perhaps it’s also because I’m afraid that I may end up with a high score. According to the results, the higher the score, the more narcissistic you are. The average score for celebrities is 17.8.

Dr. Pinsky and Dr Young say that just because you have a high score at the end of the test does not mean you have the disorder, and it doesn’t mean you’re better or worse for having a certain score. With that said, it’s interesting to see where you land on the scale in comparison to other people and how you end up handling your own results.


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