Technology Transforming Hollywood

Posted: February 25, 2011 by aredd91 in Uncategorized

The new year of 2011 isn’t the only thing new lately, the journey and competition with making it onto the big screen in Hollywood has also had some new changes of their own as far as casting is concerned. Technology is so advanced now that directors can literally get opinions from the fan before filming even begins. With this change also brings more opportunity for more unknown talent in the world, more of the undiscovered now have the opportunity that countless people never were given in the past. Take Hailee Steinfed (pictured above) for example, the 14 year old star of “True Grit” found out about the audition through audition videos on a public Web page that read “no experience necessary”.That Web page and after beating out 10,000 women for the part, Steinfed now prepares for the Oscars this Sunday.

New technology is allowing casting directors to put out the call—and instantly filter the results—without leaving their offices in Los Angeles or New York. Such tools have made national or international talent searches standard procedure, and allow increasingly plugged-in fans to follow casting decisions—and possibly sway them—with the zeal of fantasy football players.


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