Social Networking = Target Marketing

Posted: February 22, 2011 by jbianchi23 in Uncategorized

Since the exponential growth of Facebook and other social networking websites, advertisements have been increasingly more common, expensive, and personal. Don’t you find it odd that when you click “like” something on Facebook, the next time you log on, an advertisement directly related to that “like” shows up on the side of your page? It is not a coincidence. Facebook uses your interests, likes, activities etc. to direct advertisements to your page, anonymously. The advertisers related to items on your page will then have dibs on advertising space on your personal Facebook page.

Some may argue that this is more convenient since your only interested in things that are on your Facebook, so why have advertisements related to something else? Others may argue that this is a direct violation of privacy since the advertisers have some kind of access to your interests and likes. The truth of the matter is, Facebook has a detailed privacy agreement that spells out the exact protections and privacies you have and do not have. But, how many people actually read a privacy agreement before they create their account? My guess is very few. People take this agreement for granted and then get upset when their privacy is “violated.” Even though, it is not technically being violated.

Facebook is a social networking website that creates its own rules. They are currently a private company and have the right to create any privacy agreement that they want. If people do not agree with the agreement, they should not accept it and should not have an account to begin with.  However, when Facebook becomes a publicly traded company sometime this year, the extent to how much they can get away with in this regard may drastically change.


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